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We understand entrepreneur involves high risk and uncertainty, and need to balance commitments from your family and society. But the passion towards becoming an entrepreneur is much more emotional and deeper than anything else.

We Believe

At Dao EV Tech, we believe in to Foster and Encourage Entrepreneurs. We are committed to foster entrepreneur by offering affordable electric vehicle dealership and also manage the dealership operations on behalf of the dealer. We ensure the daily life of the dealer partner would not be disturbed but leads in to the process of matured entrepreneur in due time.

Our Global presence and influence helps to get the right product and the best of the technologies available across the globe to India. We source smart technology from USA, Product technology from China and capable of accessing across the globe to get the finest of the product and services for the deserving Indian customers.

Who can be our Channel Partners?

  • Who pursue their entrepreneur dreams
  • Who contribute to Green Environment
  • Who believes in Technology and Smart Mobility

What do we expect:

  • Showroom Space of 800 to 1000 sq.ft
  • Showroom as per SI specifications from the company
  • Passion to promote Electric Vehicle
  • Affordable Investment for the business

Our Business Module:

We scout for synergies – we work closely with our dealership to provide management support, best practices, time to time training for the betterment of the dealership and profitability.

Dealer partner to invest in the dealership and the showroom, we work with you to manage complete operations at your dealership from HR, Finance, Marketing, IT and other operational functions at the dealership and ensure profitability to dealers.

We give opportunity for the dealer to grow steadily as an entrepreneur and increase in dealership once the dealer turns to a full time entrepreneur.

Invest in Dealership

Identify Showroom as per Location Analysis

Showroom Setup

Working Capital

Share Analysis for Showroom Location

Showroom SI model

Dealership Management





This exclusive support will be provided for FREE to the first 25 dealerships for 2 years.


The locations are identified based on in-depth research and based on bench mark, competition and market analysis. We will be launching in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as Phase 1 and leap to entire country in phase 2.

Network Plan

DAO EV Scooters will be launched across India, to start with Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as our first step and leap to entire country by 2020.

Phase 1 - City Wise Plan

Hyderabad Karimnagar Vijayawada Srikakulam Rajahmundry
Warangal Mancherial Anantapur Tirupati Ongole
Nalgonda Sangareddy Kurnool Kadapa Chittoor
Nizamabad Visakhapatnam Guntur Nellore Vizianagaram

Why DAO EV Tech:

"Join the Electric Era and be part of the fastest growing electric vehicle segment!"