About Us:

DAO EVTech was formed by a group of global professionals from India, China and USA. Veterans in Manufacturing, R&D Technology, Business Strategy and Economist are united together by sharing a common passion by developing high speed, realistic city electric vehicle to ride into green future.

Origin of Dao:

The word 'DAO' is a Chinese philosophy, which means 'a way' or 'a path' it ensures that the human actions are in sync with the nature. Yin and Yang, which form a part of Dao, symbolizes the complementary and interdependent and interdepent forces to maintain balance in life.

Our Global Presence

"Over 20 Years of Manufacturing Experience, Producing 1.5 Million Electric Two Wheeler annually"

Our Vision:

1) Create Greener Future for safe and healthy tomorrow.
2) Indian customers deserves the best from the world.
3) Foster and Encourage Entrepreneurship in India.

Our Mission:

To bring the finest of the products and services available across the globe in electric segment to Indian customers.




Michael Liu
Economist and a Visionary Entrepreneur
Michael Deng
Veteran in Automobile R&D and Technology
Wanyne Wu
Veteran in Manufacturing Operations
Lana Zou
Business Strategist and Marketing Expert
Achutuni Balaji
Chartered Accountant and Expert in Accounts